Once upon a time on the other side of the world .. we thought of making life easier for all the women on the go! We know the pain of finding the perfect outfit for an occasion too well. If there ever were to be a befitting exhibit of what happens at the end of a real-life fairytale, it'd probably come enveloped in a carry-on, or in our case for measured eccentricity, a bespoke trunk. Introducing to you, the delicately magical nuances of life with "Once Upon A Trunk".

Shop outside the big box, with unique items for your once upon a time from a selection of independent designers. Started by the sister duo Saanchi and Shivaani Jain to solve a simple problem of inconvenient shopping, Once Upon A Trunk is your answer to wardrobe woes. Saanchi, who is an interior designer herself says, "Looking for clothes in stores is overwhelming but inconvenient and with Trunk Shopping, you’ll discover great clothes that are perfect for you without ever having to go out.” “We combine top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a highly personalized experience that helps you look your best adds Shivaani who hails from a fashion marketing background herself.

The at-home Trunk experience is pretty straightforward. Sign up online, set up a phone conversation with one of our stylists who dot the country, and a 30- to 40-pound box will arrive at your doorstep, adorned with ensembles for your occasion. All you have to do is try the items on, tell the stylist what you like, and send the rest back.
With each Trunk, the stylist will get better at zeroing in on the user’s specific tastes and fit. And just like a fairytale; magically and effortlessly, we fulfill the client’s fashion needs. Because life is not perfect, but your outfit can be!